Esprit attendees receive a wonderful yearbook near the end of the year. There's always a lot of impatient waiting, but that's partly due to it being a massive volunteer effort to assemble as well as being composed of articles, thoughts, funny stories, and pictures from you!

The individual portraits are an important part of the yearbook and you should make sure that you schedule time as early as possible during the week to get your picture taken. Taking your picture sooner rather than later has several advantages: if you don't like how you look you can try again the next day, you're less likely to run into unresolvable conflicts between your activities and the photographer's schedule during the hectic closing days of Esprit, and you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that your picture is done and there's nothing to worry about. The photographer wants to enjoy Esprit as well and is not able to keep her doors open all day long during the last days of Esprit.

In addition to the yearbook, "friendship cards" are usually available during the week from the photographer. These are business cards that include a color photo supplied by you or taken by the photographer and a block of personal information of your choice that your friends can use to contact you. The photographer is also able to reprint photos that she takes of you on photo quality paper in any size you wish. If you want friendship cards or photo reprints during Esprit, you will need to have these done within the first few days (or bring your own) because the printing process is quite time-consuming. If your order is not ready during Esprit, it will be mailed to you. There is a small charge for these cards and photos with a portion of the proceeds going to the Esprit scholarship fund.

When Esprit draws to a close, think about something to write for the yearbook while your thoughts are still fresh. The sooner the articles and photos are sent to the editor, the sooner the yearbook can be assembled and mailed to everyone.