Esprit started in 1990 and has been going for 30 years, Esprit 2021 will be our 31st because of canceling Esprit 2020.

Fashion Show

The fashion show is your opportunity to take to the runway! [rules]

Those who choose to participate will have to commit two hours during the Friday morning (9:00AM-11:00AM) of Esprit to a scheduled rehearsal and review of one’s short bio to be used in the show. Please work on your bio and have an idea what you want read while you are walking the runway, we will assist in fine tuning it.

Prior to the show, volunteers will be on hand to help with last minute makeup, hair touchups, and to take photos. Models will engage in two (2) clothing changes and spend minutes anticipating their moment to be a runway model. Remember ladies all the audience sees is you being Fabulous!

There are no special requirements for being in the fashion show, and first-timers are encouraged to participate, and SO's you are welcome to join in either solo or with your partner, but you do need to sign up beforehand. There will be a sign-up sheet near the registration desk. No sign-up, no show!

Watch for announcements in the Registration Area on sign up instructions, vendors, photo ops, etc. If you have questions contact the Fashion Show Coordinator: Sharon Babcock in room 110 (if you can catch her there).

Schedule and Requirements

  1. We recommend that you support our local sponsors (Black Diamond Bridal, Maurice’s, the Esprit Clothing Boutique, or one of the local Thrift Stores [Loaner outfits from stores are not available.]) and purchase what you want to wear prior to the show or bring your own favorite outfits—one sporty and one formal/semi-formal.
  2. Visit Black Diamond Bridal early in the week for any alterations that you may need.
  3. Girls who have never modeled before should ask for advice, attend any feminine movement class during the week that may be offered, and continue practicing at the rehearsal.
  4. Please, wear shoes that you are comfortable in walking the stairs and stage. (Let's take care to not have any Carrie Bradshaw or Sharon Babcock moments on the runway)
  5. Rehearsal will be announced, once scheduled (usually on the day of the Fashion Show and from 9:00AM-11:00AM).
  6. Once you have chosen both your outfits, you must write a short biography and accurate description of each outfit on a 4x6 note card so one of the MCs can properly introduce you to the audience. Include your name, home, major hobbies or job, and a vivid description of each outfit. Humor is definitely encouraged! For example: "Michelle started modeling as a teenager although no one saw her in the closet. She has finally broken free of society's clutch and is now wearing a stunning Joseph Ritkoff creation. The soft pink pastel color really sets off her blue eyes and she enjoys wearing this every chance she has." Use your imagination and have something fun for each of your strolls on the runway.
  7. Plan on changing into your first outfit no later than 11:30. Have shoes and accessories available for both outfits on hand. There are volunteers that will assist you with your changes.
  8. When lunch begins on Friday at 12:00PM, we will have changed, fixed our hair and touched up our makeup. We should have assistance from the vendors with jewelry, hair, and makeup primping as we await our turn on the runway.

Strut your stuff with poise, balance, and pizzazz in your first outfit, along the rehearsed path.

Purposely slow yourself down such that you can savor these very special moments in your life and the audience can enjoy and take photos of your debut.

Watch for the official photographers to take your picture for the Yearbook.

Return to change into your second outfit, and walk the carpet again, slowly with elegance and class.

When the last model finishes, everyone will gather for a group formal picture both on stage and on the ballroom staircase.

We needto be finished promptly to allow time for the rooms to be reset for classes.

Luncheon will be served to the models downstairs in the Loungeimmediately following your clothing change.

Esprit's entertainment continues, Friday evening at the Elks Lodge with our Talent Show.

Additional Info

  • Day of week: Friday
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