Esprit 2019 30th Anniversary

Pearls by the Sea

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Note: To get the Esprit room rates please contact the Port Angeles Red Lion directly at (360) 452‑9215. Do not select the "reservations" option.

Esprit Ascot Featured

The Esprit Ascot is the highlight of Tuesday's activities. This lively and exciting event is your chance to recreate the adventuresome fashions of a day at the races.

Enjoy all the excitement of a day at the races. Wear your loveliest gowns and hats and come cheer your horse to victory!!

There will be prizes for the most glamourous and outrageous hats. Don't miss this fun evening sharing refreshments
and light snacks with your friends.

This year Esprit brings back a special event. Join us for our own Ladies' Day at the races where fashions are watched as intently as the horses themselves. Find your brightest gowns or haute couture, bring your betting spirit, and get ready for an exciting evening of racing and socializing. And remember, smartly and outrageously decorated hats are highly encouraged, if not de rigueur!

How it works:

We'll have a big screen onto which a series of professionally packaged, actual horse races and steeplechases will be shown (completely new races this year!). Everyone will be provided a starting amount of betting funds. In between races, you'll study the horses, check the odds, watch the horses parade before the race, and place your bets. The races are real, as is the excitement! Assorted prizes will be awarded to the evening's big winners and non-winners alike and there will be special prizes for the most outrageous and glamorous hats.

Volunteers needed:

We need a few volunteers to be Casino Girls to run around and help collect bets and deliver winnings. You'll still be able to play the game yourself, you'll just be the center of attention! Contact the Volunteer Coordinator and tell her you want to help with the Ascot.

What to wear:

For fun, we encourage you to dress in the spirit of the Royal Ascot Racecourse. Think "My Fair Lady" and you'll be on the right track.

If you really want to be a stickler for the fashion police, here's how it's done: Ladies wear formal day dress and a hat that covers the crown of the head (since this is an evening event, evening wear is perfectly fine as well). Shoulders and midriff are traditionally covered and hems shouldn't be more than 2" above the knee. Stockings or tights are most proper. The Ascot is timeless and you may pick something stylish from any era.

And in our private ballroom, you don't have to worry about your heels sinking into the turf!

Additional Info

  • Day of week: Tuesday
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