Clothing Exchange

The Esprit Clothing Exchange is where you can donate clothes and pick up something new for yourself. Anyone may donate at any time, and while we used to reserve the first few days for first-timers to take items, if we have enough stock we will not post any restrictions. The room is filled with shoes, undergarments, and many full racks of clothes. You may also find a small selection of makeup, perfumes, accessories, books, and wigs. Items are constantly being dropped off so check in often!

"I went on to the clothing exchange and there, met three other girls. It was like a group shopping spree. Everyone was finding something for each other. "This looks like your size." "Oh! This is you. A June Cleaver special." "Here is a pair of size 13's." I had a great time trying on shoes and sorting through racks and mounds of clothing."

Clothing that does not get claimed by the end of the week is donated to local charities.