Clothing Boutique

Esprit has a strong community tradition of giving up things that others may find useful. This is an opportune time to help one another out as we share our largesse or just clean out our closets and perhaps select from the offerings available some things of use for ourselves.

Anything you have that you no longer use and is clean and presentable to wear is welcomed. This includes everything from the inside out - lingerie, hosiery, shoes, foundation wear, skirts, sweaters, blouses, belts, jewelry and jackets as well as dresses and coats that are simply gathering dust and taking up space in your crowded closet. Any unopened makeup is also welcome as well as any videos, relevant subject books, "how to" pamphlets and the like.

Beginning on Monday the Boutique will be open at the same times as the Esprit Registration Desk. Everyone can bring in whatever items they wish to donate at any time during the week. Because of the huge volume of donations, the boutique is open to everyone all week long. The exchange operates on a simple honor system...visit as often as you want, donate what you can, try to keep the room orderly and keep clothes on their hangers, and don't be too greedy.

All useful items that remain at the Boutique when Esprit is over will be boxed up and taken to local charities. What we don't use will be put to good use by others.

Please help your sisters out and maintain and build upon the strong tradition of our community helping one another by clearing out your (and perhaps your spouse's) unwanted, serviceable clothing and bringing it to Esprit! Remember, one girl's discards could be another girl's treasures!!

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help with the Boutique, please contact the boutique coordinator.