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Esprit offers a very full and extremely rich educational schedule. Classes are usually offered on six of the seven days of Esprit.

Esprit classes are held in 3 or 4 rooms all day long. The two larger banquet rooms (Olympic and Juan de Fuca) tend to be on the cooler side and have tables, though with some of the movement classes you may not actually be sitting at them.

There are other classrooms as well, and some are hotel rooms with the furniture removed that are designated full time for Esprit use and some are rooms occupied by resources who also teach classes.

Classes are most heavily scheduled on Wednesday through Saturday, though there are always some unique offerings early in the week that may really catch your interest. The Esprit planners try to arrange classes to meet the presenters' schedules and likely interests of the attendees, but it's possible that you will find some classes you really want to take to be in conflict on the schedule.